360° Health Information Management

OCSA Management Information System

Health Management Information in one system

A gap in the South African Occupational Health and Safety industry highlighted a glaring need for a valuable management information system. OCSA took the lead and developed a tailor-made program in corrective and preventative workplace health management.


OH facilities generally do not explore the wealth of information they have gathered. A “spray and pray” approach is applied instead of a targeted and focused strategy. This is costly and makes no contribution to longer term occupational health and related risk management.

Smart technology

OCSA’s software consolidates and uses valuable OH information to drive best practice in the industry. Click to view dashboards, big picture analysis and easy functionality produce the type of reports that speak to management. The impact of the information creates a 360° view to health management.

In depth evolution

The software is not a commercial quick fix; this has been a major 12-year development programme within OCSA to evolve the integrated information system we have today.


  • Occupational Health
    Schedules visits, monitors medical surveillance; provides a medical surveillance matrix and fitness recommendation; assesses health risk; ill health and disability.
  • Primary Health Care
    Manages acute and chronic conditions; enables diagnosis and dispensing.
  • Preventative Health Care
    Family planning, travel medicine, HIV testing, wellness assessments and lifestyle management programmes.
  • Employee assistance programs (EAP)
  • Emergency care and injury on and off duty: Compensation claim tracking
  • Sickness Absenteeism Management: Return to work evaluations


It ticks all the compliance boxes; fully conforming with the national legal requirements of medical record keeping.

  • Secure log in
  • Tracks changes
  • Off-site back-ups
  • Levels of user rights

It is also a time saving clinic management system, capable of managing:

  • Stock control
  • Electronic drug register
  • Examiner register (South African Nursing Council & Dispensing Registration)

The on-system help function, telephonic IT support, quick consultation history and logical flow makes OCSA’s 360° system easy to use and provides greater data accuracy.

It also has a unique early warning feature that alerts the user of any deterioration of employee health.


  • Automated monthly management reports at the push of a button
  • IOD and OH disease analysis and reports
  • Time saving COID tracking
  • Automated interface with audiometers
  • Automated off-site data backup
  • Flexible design for both single workstations and extensive national networks
  • Security functions for legal compliance including change tracking
  • Designed to follow a systematic process for quality control
  • Integrated workplace health and wellness trend analysis and dashboard reports
  • Early identification of occupational, medical, and lifestyle risks
  • Advanced scheduling according to the risk matrix
  • Unique ‘alert’ function for the early detection of health deterioration
  • Data capturing user friendly – limited computer skills required
  • Integrated absenteeism management to reduce costs
  • Easy case management
  • Electronic stock and drug control

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