Diploma in Occupational Health Nursing

Diploma in Occupational Health Nursing


Highly acclaimed, highly recommended


One of the most astounding exports from the Momentum OCSA Academy of Excellence is our highly acclaimed South African accredited Diploma in Occupational Health Nursing. We equip and empower nursing practitioners with the skills, knowledge and attitude to:



  • practice in the occupational health field
  • promote and maintain health for employees
  • prevent illness and work-related disease
  • protect employees from work‐related and environmental hazards



Momentum OCSA Occupational Health Nursing Science Diploma flyer 2018

Application forms available from trainingdesk@ocsa.co.za


 What our graduates say!

2017 Overview – Clive Pillay

The incessant driving of the pen over paper causes intense fatigue of the hand and the whole arm because of the continuous … strain to the muscles and tendons.

That sentence could have accurately described our predicament as a class last year.  Those words, however, hail from the 17th century by the father of Occupational Health as we know it – Bernardino Ramazzini.

Lightheartedness aside.  Now the work begins. It is time for us as new members of the speciality to not only gain experience in the field but eventually to add to the great body of knowledge that has brought us here, to the point of graduation.

How did we get here though?

When I consulted with the Occupational Medical Practitioner that I worked with about doing an Occupational Health Course, he without hesitation pointed me in the direction of OCSA. He said to me that OCSA produces practitioners that are able to perform in the workplace. The OCSA course in Occupational Health Nursing has a great reputation in the industry.

So, who gets the credit for our great achievement? Undoubtedly our families and loved ones that have put up with late nights, our inability to assist with our usual routines both at home and at work.  Our grumpiness as we grappled with meeting deadlines and lack of sleep.  Our journey from not knowing to the point of having facts as a reference for good decision making has been fraught with pain not only for ourselves but for those loved ones who have supported us along this incredible journey. Loved ones we thank you.

Talking about pain! Our colleagues already practising in the field of occupational health who have helped us gain experiential hours. Some of these helped with a smile on the face and some have helped without any joy. To all of you, we say thank you. A scribbled signature has never meant so much. But for those wonderful colleagues that took time to teach and mentor us, we promise we will continue that fine tradition you have set before us, in order to ensure that the next group of Occupational Health Nurses will be empowered with practical knowledge as you have empowered us.

Thank you also to the staff working at the OCSA Alberton Clinic who put up with our rowdiness. – especially in the tea room – how often did we hear why are you quiet in class but in the tearoom everyone is loud!! 😊

To the wonderful team at the OCSA Academy of Excellence, to the ladies organising our tea, the ladies doing the administration of the course and the security guards that opened the gate for us:  if you did not do your work so well this would have been a tiresome journey.

Last day of class for the 2017 graduates

The wealth of knowledge provided by the guest lecturers, who were always happy to share valuable information with us.

Then undoubtedly the stars of the show:

Dr George, a learned man that has the ability to share his vast knowledge with others without making us feel stupid or unworthy, thank you!

Marinda Haarhoff, your sense of humour helped us not to feel too overwhelmed whilst you gave us much-needed information and insight as to what was needed from us, thank you.

And then, of course, Alta Kruger! She is the sun around which this course spins. A lady of steel if ever I have met one. A wealth of knowledge and discipline. Unbending in your need for what was correct instilled in us a need to live up to your high standards. We apologise for trying your patience and we thank you for not allowing us to give up or giving up on us. Thank you, Alta, thank you. New doors have opened before us. New opportunities, new challenges – whatever they may be, we are equipped. Thank you!  – Clive Pillay, 2017



The annual Occupational Health Diploma Graduation was once again a prestigious event.

Graduation Ceremony 2017

AoE Lecturers

An emotional moment as the Nurses Pledge is read


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