Occupational Health Training

Occupational Health Training

Diploma in Occupational Health Nursing

Highly acclaimed, highly recommended

One of the most astounding exports from the OCSA Academy of Excellence is our highly acclaimed South African accredited Diploma in Occupational Health Nursing. We equip and empower nursing practitioners with the skills, knowledge and attitude to:

  • Diplomapractice in the occupational health field
  • promote and maintain health for employees
  • prevent illness and work-related disease
  • protect employees from work‐related and environmental hazards


Occupational Health Short Courses

OCSAs most popular offering

Our experience in occupational health related short courses provides:

  • Short coursesa variety of choice
  • quality training

Ranging from one day workshops to more intensive one week sessions, our learners receive either a certificate of competence or an attendance certificate. With our focus on creating professionalism within this industry, selected courses are accredited with HPCSA’s for CPD.



2018 Training Schedule