Former CEO Agatha Pretorius:

It is not any one moment, but the smaller things that have made OCSA a success. We started off with a payroll that was only a page of twelve names; this has grown since 1995 to a lengthy list of nearly 500 dedicated people.

I remember starting at OCSA in 1996 as Operational Manager; knowing that the only way to build OCSA was to create a national network in order for the requests we were getting at the time to be met. We set off and bought four mobile units, established our regional sites and started training, resulting in the delivery of a respected medical surveillance service.

The South African Excellence Foundation was a great catalyst in 1999, giving us the confidence to move on to the next level, when OCSA won the Commitment to Excellence Award. OCSA was the first SA healthcare company to be awarded this highly prestigious acknowledgement. My nomination in the Business Women of the Year Awards gave me even more passion to be forward thinking. We put a lot of energy into being trendsetters, with an unparalleled focus on data management and in the last 4 – 5 years we have really developed our 360° integrated workplace health solution – bringing occupational health and wellness into executive boardrooms. Passion drives OCSA!

1995: OCSA opened its doors for business.

1997: OCSA re-aligned its business into a strategic nurse-based occupational health service.

2010: We celebrated 15 years of excellence! Our steady upward year-on-year growth demonstrates why OCSA is viewed today as one of the leading providers of Occupational Health Services in South Africa.

2011: An OCSA first! We proudly launched our Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Division. We have worked hard to become an Approved Inspection Authority (AIA) as recognized by the Department of Labour.

2012: Introduced OCSA 360° MIS – an unmatched management information system designed for the South African market.

2015:  MMIs acquisition of 51% shareholding in OCSA through CareCross Health Group heralds exciting times for OCSA – growth, reach, innovation…

2016:  OCSA celebrated 21 years of excellence

2016: The undercurrent of change is there – one of the most profound changes was the decision by our former CEO, Agatha Pretorius to join her husband in Abu Dhabi.  OCSA lives and thrives because it was built to stand strong as a leader in OH – and 2016 is where our new legacy begins – new CEO, Alan Morrison-Jones.”

2017:  OCSA is now a wholly owned subsidiary of JSE listed group, MMI Holdings Limited and transferred its business to MMI Health on 1 October 2015.  We want our clients to come on this exciting journey side by side with us as we create value throughout the total value chain toward financial wellness”.