Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness

Business relies on people 

Thriving enterprises rely on healthy, motivated people; employees who are productive at work and who have a sense of wellbeing.

In reality, life is not always as simple as that, and employees have to deal with illnesses, trauma’s, stresses and unbalanced lifestyles.

Employee wellness is no soft issue; human capital is a valuable asset which should be well managed with as much focus as any other strategic business development. OCSA understands the effect that individual health and wellness has on business. We are specialized to support and give direction in making the choices that build a healthy workplace through employee wellness programmes that have a positive and direct impact on individuals.

Health Promotion and Education

The starting point is to assess the team:

What does it mean if employees:

  • do not sleep enough?
  • do not exercise?
  • work 16 hour days?
  • have aggressive or defensive tendencies?

Personal Health Assessment
OCSA assesses employee health risks by asking questions regarding:

  • eating and exercise habits
  • use of alcohol and tobacco
  • existing medical conditions
  • history (medical, surgical, family)

Biometric indicators

  • measuring body mass index, blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, HIV infection

Travel Medicine

Psychosocial Services (24 hour counseling call centre)
OCSA, together with our affiliates provide a 24 hour call centre service, staffed by trained counselors. The service provides support for the emotional and psycho-social needs of employees.

Wellness Days
OCSA organizes customized corporate wellness days to suit the individuality of each client. They range from a simple but valuable screening for chronic illness that corresponds with the theme of the month on the South African Health Calendar; to a 360° health fair – bringing together a collection of informative and exciting exhibits; expert speakers and lively workshops.

At the centre of this is the aim to build awareness, educate and remind employees of why their health is important and how life choices impact on wellbeing. We also guide individuals towards understanding the long term effects of their choices.

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