A healthy lifestyle is the key to your wellbeing!  Read up on the latest snippets of health information from OCSA.

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Health Bytes 2018

Treatment of burns Health Byte 2018

Nurses Day health byte 2018

Be happy health Bytes 2018

TB Awareness health bytes 2018

Listeriosis Health Bytes 2018

Water crisis and health risks health byte 2018

Back to work and school health Byte 2018


Health Bytes 2017

WAD Health Bytes 2017

SADC Malaria Week health Bytes 2017

National Children’s Day Health Byte 2017

Lead awareness Health bytes 2017

Antibiotic awareness Health bytes 2017

Breast cancer awareness male and female 2017 final

Inherited disorders 2017

Contraception Day Awareness 2017

ADHD Health Bytes 2017

Back health awareness Health bytes 2017

Childhood cancer awareness Health Byte 2017

Leukaemia Health Bytes 2017 with link

Hepatitis Health Bytes 2017

Strep B Awareness Health Bytes 2017

Epilepsy Awareness Health Bytes 2017

World Environment Day Health Bytes 2017

Cancer Survivor Health Bytes 2017

Go turquoise for the elderly Health Bytes 2017

Haemophilia health Byte 2017

Kidney day health Byte 2017

Hearing loss awareness health Byte 2017




Health Bytes 2016





Down Syndrome Health Health Byte 2016

Spine Health Health Byte 2016

Eye and Oral Health Health Byte 2016

Albanism Awareness Health Byte 2016

African Traditional Medicine Health Byte 2016

Organ Donor Health Bytes 2016

World Population Day Health Bytes 2016

Mental Health Awareness Health Bytes 2016

Drug Awareness Health Bytes 2016

World No Tobacco Day Health Bytes 2016

International Nurses Day Health Bytes 2016

Here is OCSA’s virtual first aid kit on all the reasons why you should consider a flu vaccine:

Immunisation Health Bytes 2016

World Health Day Health Bytes 2016

Health Awareness Health Bytes 2016

Salt Awareness Health Bytes 2016

School Health week 2016

Healthy Lifestyle Health Bytes 2016

STI Health Bytes 2016


Health Bytes 2015

Happy Holidays Health Bytes 2015

WAD Health Bytes 2015

16 Days of activism Health Bytes 2015

Diabetes Health Bytes 2015

Health Bytes Movember 2015

Health Bytes Arthritis 2015

Nutrition and Arthritis Health Bytes 2015
Sight Health Bytes 2015

Retina Awareness Health Bytes 2015

Adult ADHD Health Bytes 2015

Deaf Awareness Health Bytes 2015

Bone Marrow Stem cell donation Health Bytes 2015

World Youth Day Health Bytes 2015

Hepatitis Health Byte 2015

Mental Illness Awareness Healthbytes 2015

Drug abuse Health Bytes 2015

World prevention of elder abuse Health Bytes 2015

Women’s Health Health Bytes 2015

International Nurses Day Health Bytes 2015

Burn awareness week Health Bytes 2015

Vaccination week Health Bytes 2015

World Health Day Health Bytes Food Safety 2015

Head Injury Awareness day Health Bytes 2015

Kidney Health Bytes 2015

Pregnancy Awareness

International Epilepsy Day

Environmental Awareness Month

World Leprosy Day


Health Bytes 2014

16 Days of Activism for no violence against women and children

World Aids Day

Work and Children’s rights


World Sight Day


Multiple Sclerosis

Sunsmart Health Bytes

Cancer Healthbytes 2014

STI and Condom week Health Bytes

Salt Awareness week Health Bytes

TB Health Bytes

Autism Health Bytes

Is your office making you sick Bulletin Mar 2012

Anti Tobacco Campaign May 2012 Health Bytes

World Aids Day 2011 Bulletin

Asbestos Bulletin Occupational Hygiene ver 1.2

Occupational Hygiene Bulletin 2013 Ergonomics – In the Driver Seat

Health & Safety forum gets local business “on spec” for new regulations


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