Injury Management

Injury Management

The OCSA Pro-active Injury Management (PIM) system is a highly effective and professional approach to managing injuries on duty.

It limits loss of work time due to workplace injuries which may further result in reduction of COID assessment fees.


Pro-active Injury Management Flow Chart

What the OCSA PIM team is good at!

Our team has the professional qualifications, competencies, and experience to:

  • Provide appropriate medical case management and follow up in order to close each case;
  • Maintain close communication with the employee, first line supervisor and line management regarding case status;
  • Evaluate a comprehensive assessment of work related physical injuries;
  • Provide telephonic first aid advice, to prevent, time loss incidents where possible.
  • Assess the worker’s ability to continue to perform normal and customary duties, through the use of assessment and triage questions
  • Coach supervisors on the ‘stay-at-work’ process when it is physically safe to do so
  • Operate in compliance with standard national medical protocols
  • Understand and apply injury prevention for musculo-skeletal disorders
  • Operate within South African medical regulations and record keeping guidelines
  • Staff a medical assistance line 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Measures of success

  • Alignment of our PIM process with your company’s incident and injury procedure
  • The point where there is buy-in from your company’s management and where they promote the process from top down.
  • Buy-in of Unions/stakeholders
  • Training of line managers, supervisors and first aiders on the PIM process
  • When injury cases are followed up automatically to ensure the paper trail is followed

PIM enables supervisors and first aiders to access immediate professional support and advice. It is OCSA’s trusted full-circle way of tracking injuries and facilitating effective case management.

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