Environmental Surveys

Environmental Surveys

Environmental pollution may involve the contamination of air, water or soil resources with effluent and waste products. Air pollution is the release of dust, fumes, vapours or smoke into the atmosphere. Water and soil pollution includes surface run-off from the premises that contaminates storm water or soil, leakage of underground and surface storage tanks into groundwater, liquid spills, wastewater discharges and littering.

Pollution may also be in the form of energy, such as noise emanating from plant or premises. Noise may cause annoyance, and the higher the intensity, the more annoying it may become. When the noise is intermittent, irregular, or contains recognisable pure tones, it may be considerably more annoying than a steady noise with the same intensity.

Environmental legislation that governs air, water, soil and noise pollution encompasses a number of statutes and includes the following:

  • Environment Conservation Act
  • Environmental Management Act
  • Water Act
  • Provincial Laws
  • Local Authority By Laws

OCSA conducts baseline environmental surveys that help you with the early identification, remediation and control of pollution sources at your premises. We provide you with a detailed report that outlines our findings, evaluated against environmental legislation and international best practice.

Where air, water and soil pollution problems are identified, we assist you with sampling and testing of potential pollution sources, assess the extent of the contamination and place our expertise at your disposal to develop a programme aimed at solving your problem as effectively as possible.

We can also advise on environmental noise issues, conduct noise impact assessments during the design, construction and operational phases of projects and assist you to resolve noise complaints.

OCSA provides the following environmental services:

  • Baseline environmental surveys, including air, water and soil pollution.
  • Identification of pollution sources.
  • Removal, treatment and disposal of industrial waste.
  • Analysis of air, water and soil samples for pollutants and chemical composition.
  • Rating of community and environmental noise for annoyance.
  • Environmental noise impact assessments.
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