Occupational Health Risk Assessments

Occupational Health Risk Assessments

Finding the time and expertise to comply with legislation may be difficult and time-consuming, but OCSA can assist your business to meet these requirements.

Employers are required to conduct a number of occupational health risk assessments in terms of the OHSAct (85 of 1993) and Regulations, in order to identify potential hazards in the workplace and to quantify the risks.

OCSA has the knowledge and experience to carry out risk assessments in a wide range of industries and work situations. We work together with management to ensure an understanding of your business and to assess risks correctly.

The bottom line
Occupational health risk assessments are the departure point of any health and safety management system and when undertaken correctly, are guaranteed to save you time and money later on.

OCSA employs internationally recognized health risk assessment methodologies, and our findings are incorporated into your action plan. This allows you to prioritise and manage occupational health risks in your workplace.

We present the assessment in a recognized, easy to interpret format that complies with the requirements of legislation. However, we can accommodate clients that require a particular occupational health risk assessment report format.

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