Prevention Through Design

Prevention Through Design

The best way to prevent occupational injuries, illnesses and fatalities is to eliminate hazards and minimize risks early in the design process and to incorporate methods of safe design into all phases of hazard and risk mitigation.

Our experienced team provide specialist inputs during the design, construction, fitting and commissioning phases of buildings and workplaces regarding health and safety issues that may be anticipated. We ensure that the design specifications of equipment, structures, materials and processes that may affect employee health and safety comply with minimum statutory requirements and international best practice.

Prevention through design is achieved by:

  •  Eliminating hazards and controlling risks to employee exposure to an acceptable level at the source or as early as possible in the life cycle of a project.
  • Including prevention methods in the design, redesign and retrofit of new and existing premises, structures, tools, facilities, equipment, machinery, products, substances, work processes and organisation of work.
  • Improving worker safety and health through the inclusion of prevention methods in all designs that impact workers and others on the premises.

The consideration of occupational health and safety risks during the design stage of a project may result in significant savings, especially when taking into account the high cost that may be incurred if modifications have to be made at a later stage.

 OCSA is a SANAS 17020 Accredited Inspection Body, No OH 0110 and a Department of Labour Approved Inspection Authority that offers a comprehensive range of compliance auditing services. We assist designers and other stakeholders with the drafting of design specifications regarding the following environmental agents in workplaces. 

      • Lighting.
      • Noise.
      • Vibration.
      • General ventilation.
      • Extraction ventilation.
      • Hazardous chemical substances.
      • Hazardous biological agents.
      • Flammable liquid stores.
      • Ergonomics.

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