Health Service Audits

Health Service Audits

Management of quality is crucial

Is your Workplace Health Programme running to its full potential?
It is essential for companies to provide a health and safety orientated workplace in line with national and international standard bodies.

OCSA’s comprehensive health service audit offers effective integration of health services into business practices. Above all, it ensures compliance.

OCSA’s auditing service provides an independent audit of an organisation’s workplace healthcare. It focuses on improving the effectiveness and efficiencies in this area, while helping to set the tone for legal compliance and ethical practices and behaviour.

The OCSA audit focuses on:

  • Resources
  • Management Systems
  • Operational Process
  • Good Working Practices


  • Measures compliance to legal requirements.
  • Determines cost effectiveness of the workplace health services.
  • Offers guidance on the alignment of workplace health services with corporate strategies.
  • Integrates and evaluates business processes.
  • Enhances continuous quality health care.
  • Measures performance against benchmark ratios.
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