Alan Morrison-Jones


“It is all about taking one step at a time – in the right direction, and to find reward in everything you do – I look forward to achieving that in partnership with our clients.”

Describing someone in one word is easy when it comes to OCSA’s CEO Alan Morrison-Jones (AMJ).  He’s OPEN.

  • Open door
  • Open personality
  • Open to getting to know every customer personally as soon as possible

One step at a time

“Change may well be as good as a holiday (but it takes quite a road trip to actually spot the sea on the horizon – and a while longer to actually set foot on the beach)!
”  says Alan.

 OCSA integrates perfectly with MMI’s vision of financial wellness. That is, to take an individual from health – where our business sits, to the ultimate goal of financial wellness.”

It is now widely understood that OCSA has become a wholly owned subsidiary of JSE listed group, MMI Holdings Limited and transferred its business to MMI Health on 1 October 2015. While the design of the blueprint will take time, Alan is raring to go.
“I really want our customers and staff to know that there are exciting times ahead for OCSA – personally it gives me huge inspiration. There is a clear and shared vision that will transform the way financial wellness will unfold in the South African industry. We want our clients to come on this exciting journey side by side with us as we create value throughout the total value chain toward financial wellness”.

“With our years of collective experience,  this is a great collaboration. I look forward to this journey together with our customers.”

CA (SA) (MBA) qualified Alan Morrison-Jones is married with an energetic young family of boys (four-year-old twins and a two-year-old).  “With that brood, crazy weekends are par for the course in our home and I am dedicated to spending time with my family.  Finding a good work, home balance is the ultimate reward.” 


Reggie Stiglingh

Knowledge Risk and Wellness Executive

“Healthy employees are best practice for world class business”

Reggie Stiglingh’s ‘can do’ attitude has inspired and motivated the many teams she has worked with during her career in occupational wellness. “Employers and employees worldwide are seeing positive cost and medical results from corporate wellness programmes,” says Reggie. The modern trend is to work longer and harder to keep up with a pace where people don’t have enough time to do the things they are being tasked to do. The bottom line is that absenteeism is costing South Africa a fortune.

Healthcare has been central to Reggie’s life’s work, starting with a passion for nursing, where she graduated from RAU with a degree. Her extensive experience, honed over the last thirty years has led her to become one of South Africa’s leading experts in the field of occupational health. She is currently an Executive Member at OCSA with a portfolio that is focused on Project Management and Knowledge and Risk assessment in the workplace. Her post graduate qualifications include a B. Com (Industrial Psychology and Business Economics), numerous occupational healthcare and business qualifications and a special focus on HIV/AIDS where she established and developed the Aids Information, Training and Counselling Centre (ATTIC) of the Pretoria City Council for nine years before joining OCSA.

“Throughout the term of my current employment and with the blessing of my superiors, I maintain my practical nursing skills by working part-time at a private hospital that accommodates approximately 150 patients.”

From night Superintendent to casualty – the wellbeing of people is at the heart of Reggie Stiglingh.

Johanna Jorgensen

National Operations Executive Occupational Health and Wellness

“I believe in the power of collaboration” 

We are adding value to our staff and clients by identifying risk factors and recommending preventative solutions.  We are proactive!

Since joining the OCSA team in January 2003, Johanna has made a remarkable contribution to improving service delivery and customer satisfaction. She is passionate about OCSA and her professional nature in managing the many opportunities and challenges OCSA faces, ensures that OCSA continues to be the Trendsetter in workplace health.  

Johanna obtained her Occupational health in 2003 and her B-CUR Ed. Degree Nursing Management and Administration and education in 2013 and she is supported by skilled and empowered managers who take a “hands on” approach to working with staff and clients. Her client experience, together with our strong team, will bring the right combination of energy to navigate this portfolio successfully into the future as we continue to deliver ‘excellence’ for our clients and our industry.

Johanna’s extensive nursing experience started in 1992.  


Dr Robin George

Chief Occupational Medicine Consultant

“Every staff member is valuable, let’s keep up the good work!”

Dr George’s journey with OCSA began in May 2005 as an Occupational Medicine Practitioner. Now, as an EXCO member, he feels he can make a difference and enjoys his role as part of the EXCO decision making process.

He is involved with the OCSA Standards Committee; as well as in the development of policies, processes, codes of practice and guidelines for both OCSA and our clients. He was also involved with the development of an occupational health programme for OCSA staff.

Dr George was an integral member of the committee that drafted the Railway Safety Regulator’s “Human Factor Management” standard and he is often visible as one of the popular ‘faces of OCSA’, representing us at various conferences and workshops, and lecturing at the Academy of Excellence.

For him, the OCSA difference comes down to sound leadership, teamwork, organisational commitment to deliver the highest quality service aligned to best practice and service delivery based on sound ethics.

Erna Jacobs

OCSA Executive

“We can do it!”

OCSA never compromises on quality or on integrity. That’s the OCSA difference according to Erna Jacobs who says her greatest achievement is having had the good fortune to become part of the great team at OCSA.

Erna has developed a diverse career path in OH having moved from being a hospital Matron for 15 years to becoming a corporate OHNP at South African Breweries (SAB) for 11 years. She then diversified again into risk for the company. “Risk and OH dovetail so perfectly,” says Erna. “The service a clinic provides to its patients and the safety aspect surrounding the operation of the clinic itself work hand in hand.” She joined OCSA in her current position in 2007 and her well-rounded experience of working on both sides of the industry – first as the client and now as the service provider through OCSA, has given her an in-depth understanding of the business.  She believes in going the extra mile – particularly walking beside clients in good times and bad. “Our flexibility, our will and optimism in finding a solution for our clients, our expertise and our great team is at OCSA’s core.  That, and the fact that it is the little things that count – I see definite growth at OCSA– we know how to improvise and do things differently in changing times, and we know how to go back to basics without compromising on quality!”

Bakang Motshwane

Sales and Marketing Executive

“The culture of OCSA is why I wanted to work here – it is a business where people truly count.”

 Bakang joined OCSA as Regional Manager at the beginning of 2007. She made her mark as a professional who excelled in quality service and sales and marketing. By the end of that first year with OCSA, she had received recognition awards in these disciplines.

Her background, as is the case with most of the executive directors at OCSA, started clinically, in nursing and midwifery.  She moved into coordinating Special Projects for Boehringer Ingelheim and developed an interest in management. This lead her to study toward an MBA.  She gained broad experience while working for International SOS, where she had the opportunity to train and work in London and Paris. Bakang then moved on to a position as Operations Manager at an Occupational Healthcare company in 2005.

“My destiny was always at OCSA,” she says.  “I had applied for a position previously, and I finally got my opportunity after gaining the right level of experience.”  In November 2010 she was transferred to a Sales and Marketing position and went on to becoming an Executive member in August 2011 where she has already made great headway on the marketing and sales front in her goal to grow the business.

“Something I learned from nursing that I carry with me in management is to never judge a person based on negative feedback, experience the person yourself and reach your own conclusion.”


André van Rooyen

General Manager – Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Services Division

“Quality service delivery is never an accident, it is always a result of intellectual effort.”

In 2011 André joined OCSA as the Operations Manager of the Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Services Division, an Approved Inspection Authority in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (85 of 1993) and SANAS Accredited Inspection Body. Following years of work efficiency and project flow systems development, he was promoted to General Manager in 2015.

As General Manger, he is responsible for the overall management of the regulated aspects of the Approved Inspection Authority and strategic direction of the Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Services Division. During his term as General Manger, he has achieved an annual growth average of more than 30% per annum in the past 2 years.

André has lead the Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Services Division to one of the top 5 preferred suppliers for Occupational Hygiene Services in South Africa.

Current functional outputs:

  • Overall authority over regulated aspects of the Approved Inspection Authority.
  • Manage and provide leadership to staff.
  • Liaise with client-base regarding their needs, investigate complaints and establish client satisfaction and scope for improvement in service delivery.
  • Co-market Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Services to new and existing clients.
  • Conduct specialist Health Risk Assessments, Occupational Hygiene Surveys and tests.
  • Review or prepare reports, interpret results and recommend actions to control employee exposure within the workplace.
  • Approved signatory for the Approved Inspection Authority.

Through André’s leadership, the Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Services Division’s client base now spans a wide range of industries including mining, construction, manufacturing, petrochemical, agriculture and government.

André is registered with the South African Institute for Occupational Hygiene (SAIOH) as an Occupational Hygienist and as General Manager.  He oversees a team of 13 Occupational Hygiene Consultants, who services more than 150 clients and completes more than 300 projects per annum.