Disease Management

Our approach to healthcare is to teach workers how to manage their chronic disease. Employees learn to take responsibility for understanding how to take care of themselves. This helps to avoid problems and the possibility that their condition worsens.

A Workplace HIV Programme is designed to provide a comprehensive solution to client specific requirements aimed at preventing new infections, managing existing infections and combating stigma.

OCSA provides a comprehensive list of Workplace Programme Products including management briefings, policy development, KAP surveys, VCT and peer educator training. All the work that we do is goal driven with detailed reporting and statistical analysis of results.

  • Chronic disease management
    • monitoring
    • education
    • referral
    • TB screening and referral to DOH clinics for treatment
    • liaison with different medical aid schemes
    • linking contractor employees to public health facilities
  • HIV / AIDS disease management
    • Monthly follow-up by an on-site Nurse Practitioner / identified provider that includes individual lifestyle and treatment education.
    • Three monthly follow-up of the employees on Anti Retroviral Treatment (ART). This is done by the provider on-site.
    • Biological monitoring (blood tests) of the employees on ART at the discretion of the provider.
    • Continuous provision of ART and vitamins according to the standards of the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society.
    • OCSA will initiate investigation for the diagnosis of TB where indicated.
    • People diagnosed with TB will be referred to the local TB clinic for treatment.
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