Incapacity & Disability Management

Incapacity & Disability Management

Is sick leave and absenteeism eating away at your basket of profits?
OCSA is a world leader in the implementation of customised solutions focused on absenteeism management, cost reduction and productivity improvement.

We assist clients to maximise their human capital as absenteeism seriously impacts a company’s financial wellbeing.

Attendance management is a strategic corporate issue. OCSA has developed an internationally recognised, user-friendly tool to measure, manage and track attendance and incapacity. This enables the company to intervene proactively and timeously.

The tool focuses on illness absence, disability, negative presence and non attendance. Its multi-disciplinary approach ensures prompt, appropriate responses.

The programme has been implemented at several clients and has resulted in a definite reduction in absenteeism. The foundation of its success is proactive intervention to assist employees positively.

  • improves productivity of employers
  • assists Human Resources and line managers by:
    • providing required tools to manage and control absenteeism
    • CCMA paper trace requirements
    • optimising the company’s human capital potential
  • reduces company’s bottom line direct cost
  • proactively alerts the company to potential organisational issues
  • identifies attendance risk employees
  • supports the company’s performance management process
  • assists the company’s risk identifying process
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